Ceramic Coating For Your Boat?

Ceramic coating is something that most people in Yulee associate with their vehicles. But it can also be an excellent option to protect your boat. If you are tired of cleaning it and looking for an ideal alternative to waxing, boat ceramic coating is second to none. It can extend the life of your boat by protecting its various surfaces – both above and below the waterline.

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What Ceramic Coating Can Do for Your Boat

Protection from UV Rays

There are two ways you can store your boat when it’s not in use – on the trailer or at a slip. In this case, your ship can be exposed to harmful UV A and B rays. Ultra -Violet radiation can cause physical damage to the surface of your boat. Over time, the paint can lose its depth and shine. But ceramic coating is explicitly formulated to protect your boat surface.

Once you apply it, nanoparticles will seep into the microscopic imperfections. And within seconds, the coating will provide a covalent bond to the surface of your boat. And that is what creates a rigid surface that can deter UV rays from impacting its surface.

Makes It Easy to Clean Your Boat

There are different types of ceramic coatings available on the market. For example, the ceramic coating for gel coat and clear coated paint should be extremely thick. On the flip, the coating for textiles, such as seats and glass, has softer materials to bond properly. But whatever the types are, they can make it easier for you to remove fish waste, bird dropping, and other debris.

They are highly hydrophobic, which means water, dirt, and animal waste will be less likely to stick to the surface of your boat.

Better Performance and Efficiency

If you install a ceramic coating on the hull, it makes it easier for your boat to slip through the water. It helps watercraft navigate water in choppy conditions. And that is what results in improved speed and better performance. Consequently, you can save money on fuel and other expenses.

Want to apply ceramic coating to your boat? We will protect it with world-class marine ceramic coating, including Fireball ceramic coating, IGL Kenzo, etc. Apart from Yulee, we are also available in Jacksonville and Fernandina. So, call us immediately!