Top 4 Things That Can Cause Damage To a Car’s Paint

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Who doesn’t want to have a car with a perfect paint finish? But car owners, be aware! There are countless threats out there that can permanently damage the paint. Hence, to avoid expensive damage and repainting your vehicle, it’s essential to be aware of the materials and substances beforehand eroding a car’s paint job.

Each individual wants to keep their cars look good as new. And protecting paint is one of the best ways to take care of this asset. Of course, you need to deliver your car to an auto detailing expert! But you should also be aware of the culprits that can take the paint off a car. So, keep reading!

A Few Causes of a Car Paint Damage

Your car’s paint job does more than keep it looking new and shiny. It will protect the surface of your vehicle from destructive wear and tear. Hence, ensure you keep your car away from the following things.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is one of the most common sources of car paint damage. In Jacksonville, when you park your car under a tree with a broken branch, these small rough spots will be added to the paint. They don’t damage the paint immediately. Instead, they gradually destroy the clear coat of a vehicle’s paintwork.


When you drive a long distance in Florida, you may encounter a grille covered with dead bugs. It’s not only a gross sight but also awful for your car’s paint. The acidic nature of these insects can pose a threat to a vehicle’s paint. And it can be challenging to remove. The longer they stay on the coat, the more likely it suffers from corrosion.

Bird Droppings

Another damaging substance that will surprise you is bird dropping. They are acidic, which is why they can leave a permanent mark on the outside of a car. These become hardened onto the paint when baked on under the sun’s rays. Hence. Never let them dry, and remove them immediately with a soft cloth as soon as you notice.

Water Spots

Water is necessary to clean your car. But it can be a threat to your car’s paint. Whether you live in Yulee or Fernandina, evaporation will leave behind the trace element that sits on the paint. And that results in mineral-rich water drying on the surface of a car. Etched-in water spots are one of the most challenging ones. It occurs when evaporation is accelerated by heat.

Final Words

Want to keep your car looking brand new? Our auto detailing experts have the expertise to eliminate defects in the paint and restore gloss and depth to a vehicle. We offer mobile auto detailing services at a reasonable price. So, contact us if you need our help. And keep reading our other blogs.

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