Prepare Your Car for Mobile Auto Detailing but HOW?

?oWeJust like you are starting fresh, your car deserves some TLC from time to time! And if you really want to make it look stunning year-round, give it a deep cleaning! No, you don’t have to worry about running out of time, experience, or even materials to do the job yourself. Consider mobile auto detailing in Yulee from our professional auto detailers!

You literally don’t have to take it anywhere! But make sure your car is ready for the detailing session. And how to do that? Let’s find it out!

What to Do to Prepare Your Vehicle for Mobile Auto Detailing

While spending dollars on detailing, you may want the most out of this session, Right? And for the best auto detailing outcomes, keep your vehicle prepared for the process. And you can start with a car exterior wash!

Actually, car detailing is beyond a simple car wash. That’s why giving your car exterior a simple wash before the detailers arrive can save their time and your dollars to a great extent.

But for the car wash, you always go for the safest way. For example, you have three options here- hand wash, power wash, and a drive-through wash. Of all, hand washing is a safer alternative for a preliminary car wash though it takes some effort because the other two can cause damage to your car paint and coating.

Here’s how to start hand washing your car:

Tools You need:

  • Rinse bucket

  • Clean water

  • Wash Bucket

  • Automotive soap and a soft sponge

Step #1: Rinse the car exterior:

Take a clean bucket of water and rinse your car exterior thoroughly. Or else you can use a garden hose as well for the job. It will clean the loose dirt and debris without damaging the paint at all!

And while rinsing the entire car, make sure you don’t miss out on the wheels and tires. These spots, including the areas between the spokes, hold the most mud, dirt, and debris. Plus, rinsing the tires and wheels will make washing easier.

Step #2: Wash the Exterior:

After rinsing your car thoroughly, take your wash bucket, soap, sponge, and clean water in the rinse bucket. While washing your vehicle, always start from the top and come the way down. Then, take a pause to rinse every panel to avoid grime and debris getting stuck in the sponge and leaving scratches on the car’s surface.

Moreover, rinsing each panel after washing doesn’t let the soap dry. Yet, the chances of damage and discoloration on the car’s surface don’t remain there!

And finally, dry your vehicle with a microfiber cloth so no water leaves behind. Here, start from the top as well. Then, your vehicle is ready for detailing!

Who to Contact for Mobile Auto Detailing?

Look no further than Perfect Shine of Jax for professional mobile auto detailing in Yulee. We have the best car detailers to do the job. Call us to schedule an appointment today!