Lesser Known Facts About Car Ceramic Coatings In 2022

Car Ceramic Coating
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The car ceramic coating industry has become flooded with fake products. Most of them are unproven, untested, and unacceptable to the citizens of Jacksonville, Fernandina, Yulee, and surrounding areas.

At Perfect Shine of Jax, the car ceramic coating specialists work hard to deliver a superior ceramic coating or the best mobile auto detailing service to our clients. Our service lasts longer, protects your car better, and keeps cars cleaner than our competitors.

However, explore some lesser-known facts about car ceramic coatings in 2022 before contacting us!

A Ceramic Car Coating Is A Second Layer On The Surface Of Your Car

A ceramic coating is the second layer on the surface of your automobile. It uses nanotechnology. That means some tiny particles come together to build a transparent layer. Here, you must know that layer is completely invisible to the naked eye.

Graphene Coatings Is 200 Times Stronger Than Steel

The new thing in the ceramic coating industry is graphene coating. It is a thin but immensely strong substance. According to the report, graphene is one of the strongest elements created by the specialist. And do you know it’s 200 times more muscular than steel?

Yes! Graphene coating is 200 times sturdier than steel and lighter than paper. Besides, it comes with exceptional electrical and mechanical properties.

Ceramic Coating is Hydrophobic

It means that the ceramic coating is water repellent. This additional layer of protection can prevent dirt, water, and mud from accumulating in your vehicle’s paint. So, you can easily clean your car and make it gloomy for years.

Nano ceramic can make you surprised as it comes with incredible capabilities. That is why ceramic coating is becoming popular.

Some Misconceptions Associated With Car Ceramic Coating

  • These are NOT scratch-proof. Many companies can make you false promises, but this is not true. Car ceramic coatings can protect the paint protection but are NOT resistant to major scratches. It helps against minor scratches.

  • It is not permanent. Although, nano ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent bond to your car surface. You will not need to hire this service every few months. However, a great job and application will last a few years.

Bottom Line!

For the best ceramic coatings in Jacksonville, Fernandina, Yulee, and surrounding areas, you can hire an expert in this field like us. Our team is specialized in paint enhancement, the ability to polish out defects and restore depth and gloss to your four-wheeler. Visit our blog page to make yourself more informed and then contact us!

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