How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Ceramic Coating

Are you planning a day out? But your car loses its shine! Don’t worry! Ceramic coating can make your car look brand new. And this wise investment can assure that your vehicle holds its value.

But is this the first time you will apply ceramic coating to your car? You don’t know how to prepare a vehicle for it! Remember, prep work is the first and foremost step to ensure the solid application of ceramic coating. So, keeping this in mind, we have brought out a few guidelines to get the most out of your investment in it.

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Ceramic Coating

Wash Your Car Properly

To allow the ceramic coating to bond with any substrate, The surface should be impeccably clean and dirt free. Hence, it’s crucial to wash the vehicle completely by hand. In this regard, the process we recommend is the two-bucket car washing method. It’s nothing but using a one-wash bucket with soap and another filled with fresh and clean water.

Remove Iron Particles

Once you wash your car, ensure you rinse off the vehicle. The next step is to remove iron deposits trapped in the porous surface and hard clear coat.

Microscopic particles actually result from creating friction or metal burning. When you apply brakes, fine dust is produced through the application of the pad. And that is what creates floats and dust in the air and lands on vehicles’ surfaces.

Paint Correction

Polishing paint to remove imperfections and swirl marks can be challenging for car owners, especially if they don’t have experience doing it. Now, you overthink the process as you need to mix and match polishing compounds with different pads. Right? Make sure you choose a quality cutting compound and polisher.

Turn on the polisher and spread the cutting compound when holding the pad parallel to the surface. When the surface warms up, scratches will begin to remove. But we always recommend getting it done by professionals.

Degrease the Interior

Once your vehicle is decontaminated completely, degrease the exterior. Ensure the car’s surface is free from residues that can resist the ceramic coating from binding to the paint. It’s best to buy chemicals to degrease your car, which can eliminate oils, waxes, and other residues.

The application of ceramic coating will be simple if you follow the steps discussed above. Though we never compromise the quality of ceramic coating, it works best depending on the finish of the surface. So, follow the tips and enjoy the durable protection we offer. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for our work videoes