How to Make Ceramic Coating on Your Car Last Longer

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Ceramic coatings are undoubtedly a blessing for car enthusiasts. It’s one of the most important investments for the long time protection of your car. It maintains the paint’s shine and shields it against damaging contaminants. But many car owners assume that applying a ceramic coating means there is no need for maintenance, which is absolutely wrong. Without maintenance, the car ceramic coating may degrade prematurely.

That is why we have highlighted a few maintenance tips in this blog to make the ceramic coating last longer.

Tips to Maintain the Ceramic Coating on Your Car

Don’t Wash Your Vehicle for 7 Days after the Application

Ceramic coating provides the necessary protection to the paint of your car. And unless you wash it down the drain, don’t wash your vehicle for at least a week after applying the ceramic coating. This time actually allows the coating to cure properly.

Never Wash Your Car under Direct Sunlight

If you wash your vehicle in sunlight, the chance is high that the streaks and water spots will form. Hence, it’s better to wash your car in your garage or under a shade to maintain a spot-free surface. As direct sunlight produces heat, it can crack the ceramic coating over time. It’s best to clean your car early morning.

Wash Your Vehicle Every One or Two Weeks

The hydrophobicity of ceramic coating makes it difficult for smudges and water-based dirt to stick on the surface of a car. But Peebles, dirt, and other degrading materials embed into the ceramic coating over time. And without a wash, these materials may chip away the ceramic coating that makes its hydrophobicity lose over time. Hence, it’s highly advisable to wash your car every one or two weeks to maintain the ceramic coating.

Use Quality Car Wash Products

Automotive-specific shampoos and car soaps don’t contain corrosive ingredients that are usually present in household cleaning products. These are PH neutral, which makes them ideal for cleaning a ceramic-coated car. They will not damage the coating. And the car wash products you use should also be wax-free.

It’s Best to Use Maintenance Booster

Nowadays, a wide range of ceramic costing maintenance products is available on the market. They aim to restore the coating’s hydrophobicity and protect the paint. These should be immediately applied after washing your car. And never use wax and other sealants, which can hinder its functionality.

Don’t Take Your Vehicle to an Automated Car Wash

The brushes used for automated car wash can cause damage to the ceramic coating. Besides, the soaps used are pH aggressive, which are like industrial detergents.

Bottom Line

So, follow all the recommended maintenance tips to let the ceramic coating serve as required. Contact us if you want to know more about it.

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