DIY Auto Detailing – 3 Common Mistakes You May Commit!

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Auto detailing mistakes are often committed by DIY enthusiasts. In Jacksonville, most car owners think they can replicate the techniques by watching videos. DIY car detailing is undoubtedly a better approach to saving money. But at first glance, car detailing may seem like a complex thing. And if you are not aware of the right techniques and products, it can cause significant damage to your car. Hence, it’s best to deliver your vehicle to a reliable auto detailing company. Below are the common mistakes most car owners commit when detailing their cars.

A Few Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Incorrect Wash Practices

Many people clean their cars in open spaces. It’s because the extra light will allow them to see what they have to clean. But washing your car under sunlight is a big no-no. The heat from sunlight can quickly dry up soaps and water, leaving water spots that are difficult to remove.

Many car owners in the USA wash their cars from top to bottom. But cleaning a car is a different matter. One needs to clean the wheels first as they are the dirtiest parts of a vehicle.

Wrong Cleaning Products

If you see some substance on your car, you might get tempted to get dishwashing soap for a quick fix, right? Dishwashing soap can undoubtedly remove the toughest dirt and grease. But unfortunately, they are too good at cleaning and stripping out a car’s protective wax and sealant.

Using shampoo on a car’s carpet is also a bad idea. Shampoo cannot remove dirt from a carpet and cause mildew. Besides, the drying process takes a lot of time. Hence, it’s better to leave it to mobile auto detailing experts to get it done effectively.

Not Reading Product Instructions

It’s one of the most common mistakes many car owners commit. They use cleaning agents without reading instructions and end up with disappointment. Car detailing products, like carpet and leather cleaners, take time to react for maximum results. And polishing off right immediately after application produces a poor outcome. Many people resort to applying more pressure to make the products work faster. But this mistake can lead to scratches and discoloration. So, let the chemicals settle and wipe with the required force.

But why take this hassle and risk? Deliver your car to us! We have a team of mobile auto detailing specialists having years of experience in this industry. We look no further than premium car detailing products, cleaners, and protectants to restore the luster of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. So, contact us immediately!

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