Different Types of Ceramic Coatings You Can Consider for Your Car

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Applying ceramic coating is one of the best options to lengthen the lifespan of a car. Aside from giving your car a brand new look, the ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from environmental hazards. But which one should you choose? There are different types of ceramic coatings available on the market nowadays. But we always consider using any of the following options.

Below are the different types of ceramic coatings you can consider for your vehicle.

A Few Car Ceramic Coatings That We Offer


This groundbreaking product contains 76% SiO2 and si glass ceramic compounds manufactured from different types of pure SiO2. It also consists of titanium.

Aegis is an exceptional all-around coating that you can use on the interior and exterior of a car. It has a factory-backed guarantee of up to 2 years. It can add a high level of gloss to your vehicle.


It’s one of the highest corrosion-resistant coatings in the Fireball collection. This ceramic coating features a single layer, which can last up to five years. It aims to provide your car an excellent chemical resistance against grime, rust, and salt.

Silla contains a high amount of titanium dioxide to offer more protection.


This ceramic coating is perfect for daily driven vehicles. Its high-quality materials and innovative formula make this ceramic coating last long for seven years. It’s suitable to protect your car from all types of harsh weather conditions.

The Butterfly is one of the most popular ceramic coating options, which follows advanced ceramic technology.

Devils Blood

This extremely protective coating can produce an exceptional level of gloss on a car. It will protect your car against acid, water spots, solvents, oil, ice, dirt, and UV radiation. This type of ceramic coating comes with an unprecedented self-cleaning feature. Its super hydrophobic quality can enhance the durability of a vehicle.

Dok Do

Dok Do comes with a super-hard base coat, topped with a glossy coat and chemical resistance. It’s one of the most durable ceramic coatings, which can last up to 10 years. This ceramic coating is highly recommended for prestige vehicles.

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