Car Ceramic Coating – 5 Common FAQs Answered!

Ceramic Coating
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Ceramic coating is undoubtedly an excellent investment to protect your car. Sticky residues from bird droppings and tree sap are hard to eliminate. And that is where it comes to the rescue. Without ceramic coating, a vehicle is vulnerable to rusting and fading from seasonal elements and sun exposure.

Ceramic coatings can be applied at thicknesses ranging from a few to several hundred microns. But make sure you get it done by reliable car ceramic coating specialists.

But you don’t have any idea about ceramic coating! Have you bought a car recently? Then go through the FAQs first we have answered in this blog!

What You Should Know about Ceramic Coating

Why Should You Apply Ceramic Coating to Your Car?

Ceramic coating is an excellent method to add an extra layer of protection to a car. It can assure you that there is a deep sheen on your vehicle, which makes it look best. Ceramic coating will protect your car from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, chemical stains, etc. It’s an approach to give your vehicle a brand new look.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

The ceramic coating usually lasts between two to four years with proper maintenance. As long as you wash your car regularly and get your vehicle decontaminated by auto detailing experts, the coating will continue to look great. It will protect the paint of your vehicle for a long time. But if you don’t maintain it properly, it will start looking chalky over time.

What Is Ceramic Coating Made of?

Ceramic coating is usually composed of silicon dioxide sourced from natural minerals, such as quartz and sand. Some brands also include titanium dioxide as a hardening agent. These two substances form a covalent bond with water repelling properties and create a nano-ceramic shield on a car’s coat.

There are several grades of ceramic courting available on the market. But make sure you opt for a quality one.

Can You Apply Ceramic Coatings on Glass or Wheels?

Yes, you can coat glass and wheels for ultimate protection. It will make the car’s wheels easy to clean. And the glass will be more durable.

Can You Apply Ceramic Coating on Your Own?

If you don’t have the expertise to perform this task, it’s wise to deliver this responsibility to ceramic coating specialists. You need to first prep the paint. And without the prep work, you will not get the expected result.

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