When it comes to boat detailing, Perfect Shine Of Jax is the expert at boat detaling. Our friendly members will take care of all your boat detailing needs. We use quality ceramic coating specifically designed to protect the exterior of your vessel from algae, barnacles, saltwater, and fishing debris. Adding a layer of ceramic to your boat will protect it while reducing maintenance time as well as repair costs. Therefore, for the best ceramic coating and boat detailing in Jacksonville, Yulee, Fernandina, etc. contact us. We specialize in Fireball Ceramic Coating, IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating, etc.

We use nanotechnology to apply a layer of ceramic coating to your boat. This will keep it protected from all the hazardous elements in the water. Also, it adds a sleek shiny finish that further helps maintain the lifespan of your paint. We have the expertise and knowledge to keep your marine vessel completely protected from barnacles as well sea creatures. Also, we specialize in boat detailing or washing. From a yacht, a fishing boat, to a jet ski, or other marine vessels - we will offer the best detailing for everything. Let us help you out.


Why Choose Us

Our ceramic coating is available in a high gloss finish and it is highly durable as well. Our products won’t wash away by environmental hazards. Even our ceramic coating will be suitable in the most extreme environments such as frozen seas and scorching sun. We offer versatile coating. These have a wide range of uses making sure that no surface on your boat is left unprotected. To know more or to book a service, please contact us.


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If your RV is starting to look weathered by the sun, or the bugs are etching their way into the paint after a long trip, we have the solution for you! See our photo gallery of before and after photos to see how we return these vehicles back to a new, polished state. Our services and products will also protect your RV or motorhome from future wear and tear.

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If you love your car, you are going to love the care we give it during an auto detailing treatment. We thoroughly clean, restore, polish, and protect all interior and exterior surfaces. We use the latest equipment to produce the very best results because we strive to stay at the forefront of industry technologies. Our detailing professionals live and breathe their passion for cars, and it shows!