Pro Auto Detailing in Jacksonville

Perfect Shine Of Jax is a full-service car detailing and auto ceramic coating expert. We have been serving the Jacksonville, Yulee, and Fernandina areas for years. From the exterior to the interior - your car starts showing the signs of wear and tear over time. From greasy tires to everyday dirt and grime on the exterior and interior - all these little things will add up to your car making it look dirty and shabby. To deal with this, we offer the best full-service car detailing job. Our professional auto detailing experts make sure that your car always looks great—inside and out.

Auto detailing, car detailing, mobile auto detailing - no matter what you seek, our auto detailing specialists can help. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a complete full-service car detailing service and other facilities such as Luxury hand car wash, Clay bar application, Complete exterior polish, Exterior decontamination wipe, Coating applied to all exterior surfaces including painted surfaces, etc. Consult our experts and we will help you choose a service that makes the most sense for your vehicle.


Ceramic Coating in Jacksonville

We offer the best car ceramic coating. So, if you are wondering where to get the best ceramic coating for my car in Jacksonville, contact us. Fireball Ceramic Coating, IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating, etc. can be great protection for their car against UV rays, water spots, and other elements. Perfect Shine Of Jax specializes in excellent auto ceramic coating by using in-house solutions. We aim to keep your car clean between washes. Say goodbye to swirls and scratches! Contact us.


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If your RV is starting to look weathered by the sun, or the bugs are etching their way into the paint after a long trip, we have the solution for you! See our photo gallery of before and after photos to see how we return these vehicles back to a new, polished state. Our services and products will also protect your RV or motorhome from future wear and tear.

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If you are tired of spending hours cleaning your boat after every fishing trip, we have the ultimate solution! Protecting your boat with a world-class Marine Ceramic coating will make cleanup effortless and will only take a few minutes! It will fully protect your boat from the sun's harmful rays and prevent fading. Call today for a quote and references from customers who love their ceramic-coated boats.