5 Common Auto Detailing Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

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Whether your car is at a dealership or in a garage, auto detailing is a vital step to keeping your vehicle clean and tidy. But unfortunately, there are tons of myths floating around about car detailing. And many people even still believe them. Are you one of them? Then read the entire blog first! Here, we have highlighted a few common myths on auto detailing, which you immediately stop believing. So, keep scrolling down!

A Few Common Car Detailing Myths Debunked

  • You Can Wash Your Vehicle at Any Time

No, you cannot wash your car at any time. For example, if you leave your car parked in the sun, it will be heated. And washing your vehicle at this time will leave spots as the water and soap will dry up faster. After that, it’s not an easy ordeal if you wait to let your car cool down.

  • Dishwashing Detergent Can Be a Great Alternative

Dishwashing detergent is undoubtedly a strong washing option. It removes dirt, grease, and oil easily. But this detergent also removes polymer that plays a crucial role in protecting car paint.

  • Waxing and Polish Are Synonymous

You are wrong again! Many car owners still believe that wax and polish are the same. But there is a noticeable difference between these two options. Waxing aims to protect the finish of your car. It will give your car’s exterior a protective layer. On the flip, car polish will help eliminate spots and minor scratches. Polish will make your vehicle look shiny, while wax leaves a matte finish.

  • Wax Protection May Last for Years

Waxing is a temporary solution. It provides protection for a few months. The lifespan of wax actually depends on the working condition of your vehicle. But if you need long-term protection, invest in ceramic car coating.

  • Car Paint is Permanent

Get this misconception out of your head like other myths. A car paint will last as long as you protect it. Dents, dirt, and scratches will build up on your vehicle’s paint over time. It actually depends on where you take your car. Car paint is never permanent. Hence, you need to take your vehicle to auto detailing specialists to protect your car’s exterior and make it tidy.

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